QuantumClean® Material Sciences

The deposition on a tool part surface or substrate is dependent on the duration and type of process the tool part underwent. Thus, each tool part requires a different treatment. Likewise, duration of the treatment also varies depending on the deposition and the condition of the tool part surface. We treat tool parts on an individual basis, with utmost precaution to meet customer specifications. Our patented SPCC® (Single Part Chemical Clean®) technology reduces chemical usages and wastes, eliminates cross contamination, extends part life and allows ultra high-purity chemicals to be used economically for cleaning.

Depending on the processes and depositions, these tool parts go through a well-defined set of mechanical and chemical cleaning methods to achieve and exceed the desired ionic and particulate cleanliness specifications.

For coated parts, we offer complete refurbishment, including stripping, reanodization, traditional TWAS (Aluminum, Molybdenum) and Plasma (Alumina, Yttria, Zirconia) coatings and QuantumClean® proprietary coatings (C-Coat™, M-Coat™, Y-Coat™ and Z-Coat™). For parts containing precious metal depositions, we offer comprehensive programs to strip, recapture and recycle precious metals, allowing the customer to enjoy significant financial benefits.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

We provide our customers with a variety of services to help them achieve cost savings, reduced total costs of ownership and achieve the highest quality finished products possible. We offer onsite support and logistic services to ensure that everything runs smoothly, and we can work on an account or project-based management approach whichever best fits your needs. We also offer investigative and economic analysis and engineering technology consulting in addition to our value-added deliverables.

QuantumClean® has the capability to track the level of cleanliness of each part and correlate it with process improvement as a result of our analytical engineering services. Each part serviced in our ATCCs® can be delivered with a certificate of analysis (CoA) that verifies the part's atomic level of cleanliness. We offer critical ionic particulate and contamination data by utilizing controlled surface analytical techniques.