Quakertown, PA USA. January 26, 2017ChemTrace will exhibit at SEMICON Korea at the COEX center, Seoul, Korea from February 8 – 10 (booth 4234).  ChemTrace is an industry leading semiconductor laboratory that provides clients with critical insight into their micro-contamination issues.

For over 20 years, ChemTrace has provided semiconductor customers unsurpassed micro-contamination analysis of wafers and depositions, high-purity chemicals, cleanroom materials, DI water and airborne molecular contamination.  In addition, ChemTrace provides independent analytical verification of process tool chamber part cleaning effectiveness for many leading-edge semiconductor fabricators, OEMs and OPMs (original part manufacturers) customers which have critical cleanliness requirements.

“Focusing on bringing micro-contamination awareness and services to our customers, we are the successful partner for major FABs and OEMs around the world.  We enable our partners to establish baseline cleanliness for existing critical materials and processes.  We are the vehicle that takes customers to the next level of clean.  That’s the value of ChemTrace”, explains Surjany Russell, ChemTrace’s Director of Sales

“Recent expansion of our global footprint to include state-of-the-art laboratories in Korea and Taiwan allows regional semiconductor industry customers to have direct access to our laboratories for rapid turnaround and expert analysis”, concludes Ms. Russell.


About Quantum Global Technologies®, LLC

ChemTrace® and QuantumClean® are divisions of Quantum Global Technologies, LLC which is headquartered in suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA.

For over 20 years, ChemTrace has provided independent and analytical verification of process tool chamber part cleaning effectiveness.  Recognized as the leading reference analytical testing laboratory for the semiconductor, solar and related industries, ChemTrace has the solutions for FAB, OEM and OPM’s critical cleaning issues and requirements.  With 108 employees in 5 labs located in 3 countries, ChemTrace offers unsurpassed micro-contamination analysis of tool parts, wafers and depositions, chemicals, cleanroom materials, DI water and airborne molecular contamination.  www.chemtrace.com

QuantumClean is the global leader in sub-10nm outsourced process tool chamber parts cleaning and coating services, tool part life extension and process tool part optimization solutions to the semiconductor wafer fabrication, OEM and OPM industries.

Founded in 2000, QuantumClean operates innovative Advanced Technology Cleaning Centers® built on the premise of providing customers process improvement through consistently cleaner parts® that exceed industry standards.  These solutions dramatically reduce our customers’ total cost of ownership.  With 1,400 employees in 18 Advanced Technology Cleaning Centers located in 8 countries, QuantumClean provides unsurpassed cleaning capability and convenience worldwide.  www.quantumcleandev.com