The Benefits of Ultra-High Purity

What does ultra-high purity mean?

QuantumClean will clean your chamber process tool parts to 99.999999% clean.  Validated by a Certificate of Analysis!


Reduce Costs

Reduce costly replacement parts

QuantumClean’s broad variety of cleaning solutions will significantly reduce or eliminate part degradation extending the life of your part — reducing costly replacement parts.  Extend the life — reduce your costs!


Individually Cleaned

Single Part Chemical Clean®

Your tool part is treated on an individual basis, with utmost precaution, to meet your specifications.  Our patented Single Part Chemical Clean (SPCC®) technology reduces chemical usage and waste, eliminates cross contamination and extends your part life.  It allows ultra-high purity chemicals to be used economically which is better for the environment


Faster turnaround times

Get production up and running

Will it run?  Yes!  Be assured that parts that are cleaned by us will run when they are returned to you.  Faster turnaround times from QuantumClean.


Greater yields

Ultra-high purity generates greater yields — saving you millions!


Copy Exact


Enjoy Financial Gains

Strip, recapture, recycle

For your parts that contain precious metal depositions, we offer comprehensive programs to strip, recapture and recycle precious metals.  Enjoy significant financial benefits.