Most of our competitors only offer recycle chamber parts cleaning, but QuantumClean has vast experience in not only process contaminated parts from wafer fabs ("recycled" parts) but in ultra-high purity cleaning of new parts for OEMs and OPMs.

QuantumClean has more ultra-high purity parts cleaning experience than any of our competitors.

QuantumClean focuses on the most critical process areas of wafer fabrication including:

Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD)


> Proprietary chemistry that selectively removes deposition (SDR™)

> Specialized facility capabilities for large and heavy parts

> Employment of ICP-MS™ and IC™ analysis techniques


> Ultra-high purity parts validation

> Significant part life extension

> Surface cleanliness equals high integrity films

> Pre-off-gassed parts equals faster chamber recovery

> Extends mixing block life and reduces particles in process

Specific expertise

LAM, Applied Materials, ASM & TEL

Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)


> Extensive showerhead cleaning expertise Atomically Clean Surfaces™ (ACS™)

> Selective Deposition Removal™ (SDR™)

> Automated optical hole inspection


> Recycle cleans match/exceed OEM new part cleanliness validated with ChemTrace analysis

> Hole deposition is removed with no hole size change validated with automated optical inspection

> Proprietary cleaning & inspection methods extend expensive showerhead life

Specific expertise

Applied Materials & LAM



> Minimally abrasive & non-contact processes

> Plasma re-coating surfaces and coating superior to OEM films

> Quartz clean recipes that make the quartz less susceptible to process etch

> White Yttria Coating

> M-Coat™

> Superior adhesion properties


> Lower contamination levels, faster chamber recovery and faster chamber uptime

> Reduced cost-of-ownership via QuantumClean Advanced Coatings for Etch Tool Kits

> Better overall chamber performance

> Quartz parts have fewer to no particles

> Extended part life and MTBFs

> Improved product quality and particle performance

Specific expertise

Applied Materials, LAM, Hitachi & TEL



QuantumClean has more quartz, silicon carbide & silicon diffusion parts handling processes, equipment and protocols than all our competitors combined.


> Ultra-clean parts

> Industry low breakage

> Wafers are never contaminated and/or compromised

> No process particle failure

> Part life extension

Specific Expertise

Hitachi, TEL, Agem & others

Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD)


QuantumClean developed an Environmentally Clean Process™ for you that eliminates the use of chemicals for Twin Wire Arc Spray (TWAS)/deposit removal. In addition, QuantumClean offers C-Coat™, a proprietary coating that obtains superior performance over traditional TWAS coating on PVD parts


> Allows process to run to full RF hour target
> Faster turn-around-time - hours not days
> Lower costs
> Significant part life extension
> Tantalum recovery programs

Specific expertise

Applied Materials